Phlebotomy courses-What are you supposed to learn?

Going to a phlebotomy school for becoming a qualified phlebotomist with a certification takes less than one year to finish. And, having phlebotomy as your career choice can be a really good choice. With phlebotomy as a career, you will be also aware that you will not struggle to find a job after you have qualified. But, what are you actually supposed to learn in the phlebotomy courses?

Human anatomy

For becoming a phlebotomy, you must learn about the human anatomy. You will do not have to know every little detail about the human anatomy in the phlebotomy training. Doctors and nursed need a much more detailed knowledge of the human anatomy. That’s why doctors and nurses training take so many years and the phlebotomy training just takes about one year. But, it is important to have basic knowledge of the cardiovascular system. If you don’t know more about the human anatomy, you will not really know the best places are for drawing blood. And if you insert a needle in the wrong place, you can cause serious damage.

Safe blood handling

There is a very high health risk involved in handling blood. There are many different sicknesses, like AIDS and Hepatitis C, which are highly contagious if you are handling blood the wrong way. At the phlebotomy courses you will learn that;

• You must wear latex gloves all the time,

• How to handle needles correctly,

• How to sterilizing lab equipment correctly,

• And, on how to safely disposing of tainted material.

It is extremely important to know all the safety issues that are involved with blood handling so that you and your patients can stay safe. You don’t want to have the scare of becoming infected with a blood related illness.

Learn about the right needle technique

The main purpose of a phlebotomist is the correct drawing of blood by patients. With the phlebotomy course, you will be spending most of your time practicing the correct needle technique. If you don’t draw blood the correct approach, it can then result in tremendous distress and other medical complications to the patient. So, it is extremely important to learn exactly the right needle techniques at the phlebotomy course.

Accurate record keeping

There are plenty of people each day that’s blood must get send to the laboratory. If you don’t know exactly how to keep records up to date, can it lead to wrong blood results or the different patient’s blood work can get mixed up and result in many errors that can affect the patient’s diagnose. At the phlebotomy school,you will learn how to accurate keeping records.more related news at


How to work with patients

With the phlebotomy training, you will learn how to care for patients with empathy. Lots of people are scared of blood drawing and many of the patients will be a small child that’s terrified of needles and medical staff.

The phlebotomy course doesn’t take more than one year, but you are learning so much about all the correct procedures and safe working with blood, while in the phlebotomy school.

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